Wildlife Genetics
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Genetics Team Leader
Rocky Mountain Research Station
800 E. Beckwith Ave.
Missoula, MT 59801

Wildlife Genetics Laboratory


You can navigate our site using the menu at the left of the page. For additional information about the lab or its policies and protocols (e.g., sample storage and handling.pdf, chain of custody record.pdf, ad hoc sample policy.pdf), please contact Michael Schwartz or Kristy Pilgrim.

Our Mission:

The Wildlife Ecology Program of the Rocky Mountain Research Station, with its partners, recognized the contemporary role that molecular genetics plays in the management of wildlife. Thus, it initiated efforts in wildlife genetics in 1998 with the University of Montana and the Northern Region of the USFS. Currently the RMRS Conservation Genetics Program, of which the Wildlife Genetics Laboratory is central, focuses on conducting research that is highly integrated with USFS management needs across the country. The Wildlife Genetics Laboratory works with States, Tribes, Universities and private groups answering state-of-the-art questions in wildlife genetics, and providing answers to pressing wildlife management needs.