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Data Use Policy

Users of these data should understand issues related to sampling error, measurement error, and others. An excellent introduction to some of these issues is available on this site describing forest measurement and modelling error (courtesy of Cris Brack, Department of Forestry, Australian National University).

More information about timber data: New Approach to Estimating Timber Data (pdf, 76KB)

Developers of this site also request that any publications using data from these watersheds include the following paragraph:

Some data used in this publication were obtained by scientists of the Arizona Watershed Program and were made available through the Managing Arid and Semi-arid Watersheds website ( This publication has not been reviewed by those scientists. These watersheds are operated and maintained by the Rocky Mountain Research Station, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Fort Collins, Colorado.

If you agree, here are two access points to the Beaver Creek data:

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9 February 2007