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Biosphere Reserve Information Overview

Glacier Bay-Admiralty Island

Location:    5702' to 5811'N; 13225'W;
5810' to 5915'N; 13515' to 13840'W

Elevation:   0 - 4,666 m above sea level


Sow with cubs on Funter Bay tide flats. Photo by Joe Giefer.Whales bubble-net feeding. Photo by Peter Metcalfe.

  Contact address Lance Lerum
Admiralty Island National Monument
8465 Old Dairy Rd.
Juneau, Alaska 99801 

United States of America
  Telephone (1)(907) 586-8790
  Fax 1)(907) 586-8795
  email llerum@fs.fed.us

Text Box: Administrative authorities
Admiralty Island National Monument, USDA Forest Service
Major Ecosystem Type
Temperate rainforest
Year Designed

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