Organization of Bibliography

The bibliography contains references of both historical significance and current relevance to the region represented by the Madrean Biogeographic Province. In addition to this literature, however, more general citations have also been included when specific mentioned has been made of this region in the reference. Citations on technologies, methodologies, and procedures have largely been omitted from the bibliography, except when the applications illustrated apply directly to the region.

Citations were placed arbitrarily into a category on the basis of the major emphasis of the work reported upon in the reference. Therefore, it might be necessary to search more than one category to complete a listing of references on a particular topic or subject. For example, references on RANGE MANAGEMENT AND LIVESTOCK GRAZING can be found in the category by that name, and also in the categories on CONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT, and PLANT ECOLOGY. Similarly, references on RIPARIAN ECOSYSTEMS can be listed in the category by that name, and also in the categories on HYDROLOGY AND WATERSHED MANAGEMENT and VERTEBRATE ECOLOGY (birds in riparian habitats). References on FIRE AND FIRE EFFECTS can be found in the category by that name, and also in the categories on CONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT and PLANT ECOLOGY. Duplication of a reference in more than one category is also possible, although efforts were made to minimize this occurrence.

Some of the citations listed are unfortunately incomplete. Pages of volumes in a series are not included, or symposia editors, technical coordinators, or compilers have not been listed, as this information might have been contained as part of the original reference. In these instances, information for the reference that is presented in the bibliography represents that contained in the original data bases searched, when the reference itself could not be found.

It is possible to find minor inconsistencies in the citations for references contained in a stand-alone volume (such as symposia proceedings) or the volumes in a series (Journal of Arid Environments, Journal of Hydrology, or the journals published by the American Society of Civil Engineers). Nevertheless, it is hoped that sufficient information is presented in the bibliography to enable the reference to be located in a library.

Citations presented in the bibliography are listed alphabetically by author's last name in selected categories determined to be appropriate to the subject-matter presented. Categories in the bibliography are:

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