Data Bases Searched

Computerized and published hardcopy data bases were searched for appropriate literature in compiling this bibliography. Computerized data bases searched included:

Published hardcopy data bases searched in compiling the bibliography were: Selected References: The Encinal Woodlands (Ffolliott and Gottfried 1992).
Livestock Management Effects on Wildlife, Fisheries, and Riparian Areas: A Selected Literature Review (Anderson 1993).
Annotated Bibliography: Ecological Impacts of Livestock Grazing in Western North America (Fleischner 1993).
Southwestern Research Station Bibliography (1955-1994) (Sherbrooke 1994).
A Bibliography for the Northern Madrean Biogeographic Province (Ffolliott et al. 1994).
Southwest Watershed Research Center: A History of Research for Today and Tomorrow (USDA Agricultural Research Service 1994).
Land Use History of the San Rafael Valley, Arizona (1540-1960) (Hadley and Sheridan 1995).
Annotated Bibliography of Reports, Publication, and Thesis on the Appleton-Whittell Research Ranch Sanctuary (National Audubon Society 1995).
Papers presented at the conference on the Biodiversity and Management of the Madrean Archipelago: The Sky Islands of Southwestern United States and Northwestern Mexico, held in Tucson, Arizona, on September 19-23, 1994, are also included in the bibliography, along with the relevant literature cited in these papers (DeBano et al. 1995).
Annotated bibliography of publications from the Southwest Watershed Research Center (USDA Agricultural Research Service 1995).
Bibliography for Animas Valley of SW New Mexico (no author).
A Selected Bibliography: Effects of Fire on the Madrean Province Ecosystems (DeBano and Ffolliott 1996).
The Santa Rita Experimental Range: History and Annotated bibliography (1903-1988) (Medina 1996).
The Role and Importance of Disturbances and Climate Change on Plant Communities in the Borderlands of U.S./Mexico: A State-of-the-Knowledge Review with Recommendations for Future Research (McPherson and Weltzin 1996).
Literature of Wildlife Research in the Madrean Archipelago: 1800s - 1994 (Morrison et al. 1997).
Thesis and dissertations on topics that are relevant to the Madrean Biogeographic Province, and the literature cited therein, were also reviewed in preparing the bibliography. "Fugitive literature," including office reports, field trip summaries, map references, and other (formally) unpublished but relevant materials, are included where appropriate. This literature is most commonly found in special collections of libraries.