Conservation Education

Below is a summary of the conservation education projects that the Wildlife Program participates in each year.

Flagstaff Festival of Science

Each year during the fall season many Flagstaff residents and out of town visitors experience this ten day FREE science festival. Activities are designed to promote science awareness in Northern Arizona. The festival is full of hands-on activities for families and children of all ages. Open houses, field trips, and educational presentations from well known scientists are also part of the experience during the Flagstaff Festival of Science.

Camp Colton

Also known as Project LIFE, this is a week long outdoor camp for every 6th grade student in the Flagstaff Public Schools. The goals of Camp Colton are to allow students to learn to: live in a wilderness setting, appreciate the natural environment, understand his or her involvement in the environment, share their strengths and skills with others, accept responsiblility for themselves, improve their social skills, make new friends, and strengthen their sense of belonging. Camp Colton occurs every fall and spring in the beautiful surroundings of the San Francisco Peaks. Through participation in the camp, students will have learned an appreciation for their environment and have learned about science from research specialists. (Project LIFE brochure)

Summer Camps - Field Trips - School Visits

Each year many of the scientists and technicians in RM 4251 visit the schools and present research techniques and job opportunities to the students. School visits are invaluable to the students, since they can experience first hand the work of each individual scientist and technician. Field trips are also given to school groups, college classes, and visiting scientists. These field trips provide an opportunity for groups to get a look at the different study sites and learn about many of the challenges that the scientists and technicians face in the forests. Summer is an active time and reseach based camps are very popular within the Flagstaff community. The Research Station has in the past collaborated with Northern Arizona University to hold research specific camps for children. This collaboration will continue to provide opportunities for the community well into the future.

Resource Educators Network

The mission of this network is to promote and encourage communication and cooperation among individuals, organizations, and agencies to improve and expand resource education in Northern Arizona. The objectives of the Resource Education Network are to: compile a list of Northern Arizona organizations, agencies, and institutions working in resource/environmental education; serve as a networking and organizational forum; collaborate on workshops and grant funding in order to coordinate projects pertinent to Northern Arizona environments; informally affiliate with other organizations; perform needs assessments to coordinate resources;and provide opportunities for members' professional growth and development.

Fort Valley Experimental Forest

Work is in progress to restore the historic Fort Valley Experimental Forest. Located approximately seven miles outside of Flagstaff on Highway 180, the experimental station is currently listed on the National Historic Register and is in need of major restoration. The Rocky Mountain Research Station is looking for potential partners and collaborators to be a part of this unique project. Fort Valley has so much history and is awaiting the opportunity to tell its story to current and future generations.

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