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MAB USA News Bulletin

Upcoming US MAB events

The US MAB  national conference commemorating the 30th anniversary of US MAB will be held in 2006.  The conference dates and other details will be posted as available, please check back with us. 

Upcoming US MAB-related events

Every two years, The George Wright Society organizes and is the primary sponsor of the USA’s premier interdisciplinary conference on protected areas, which includes parks, historic and cultural sites, wildlife refuges, and other public lands, tribal reserves, aquatic sanctuaries, private land-trust reserves, and similarly designated areas. 

The GWS is unique among professional organizations because it encourages dialogue and information exchange among all the people needed for protected area conservation, from historians to biologists, managers to researchers, public agencies to private organizations, academics to field personnel.

A US MAB workshop was held on May 4-6, 2004, hosted by the Missouri Botanical Gardens, St. Louis, Missouri.  The objectives of the workshop were to explore ways of rejuvenating the US MAB program.  At the national level, it was decided to convene a national conference in 2006 commemorating the 30th anniversary of US MAB.

UNESCO MAB Program Calendar

Several upcoming MAB events occurring around the world can be viewed at http://www.unesco.org/mab/calendar.htm

Last updated: 06/27/2005

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